• about us

    Here at SUSHEEL FOUNDATION we help underprivileged children successfully finish their school. We act as a bridge between the child and the school.

  • our Stories

    story no. 1 “I lost everything when my husband died of AIDS. We were helpless financially as well as emotionally. We had been forced to spend all our family money on his treatment, which meant that we had nothing left to invest in our children’s future.

  • Help

    Here at SUSHEEL FOUNDATION we support dreams and hopes. Many parents that have heard about our work have come forward to ask us to help them realize theirs and their kid’s dreams of having an education that will help have a prosperous future rid of poverty. We act as a bridge between children and schools by sponsoring their education. We take the details of their requirements and coordinate with the schools directly.

  • advisory board

    Our Advisory Board is composed by achieved professionals that believe that education holds the answer to the pervasive poverty that our society reproduces and multiplies unwittingly through inaction.

SUSHEEL Foundation is a UNIQUE organisation that SUPPORTS, HELPS, EDUCATES and EMPOWERS children with LOVE and instils a belief that “Every child is special.”

Where is Susheel born?

Susheel was my mother. As one child judges their mother, she was sweet and caring to my eyes. But I believed this with a conviction that went beyond that of a son or daughter, not because of the way she treated me but because of the way she treated others. My mother used to get out of her way to help others, and as proof I have memories of her, teaching kids from the poorest areas of the city. She used to teach them and support their schooling for free. She owned the belief that education was necessary for them to help themselves, specially the ones that don’t receive enough help from others. She gave them the greatest gift anyone can give, and that is knowledge.

With your support and with god’s will, I hope I can continue and scale up the labour she so selfishly took upon herself to give underprivileged children a brighter future.

THANK YOU! With your support you are providing a better life for those that need it the most.

Many blessings to you
Jyotsna Sharma [Founder Trustee]

If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain.

If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees.

If you want one hundred years of prosperity, grow people."